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Country Tunisia
Title 2021 Korea-Tunisia e-Government Cooperation Center Joint Project
Duration 2021.09~2021.12
Ordering Organization KOREA IT CONSULTING
Team Innovation Team, Social Value & Innovation Group
Contents The Agreement between Korea and Tunisia Government entails 'e-Government Co-operation Centre' for three years from 2020 to 2022 in which a To-be model of the one-stop service portal, guideline for online service development, improvement plan of public data inventory and questionnaire to identify satisfaction on the online service were main targets. In 2021. this Joint Project aims at piloting public data inventory system and automisation of online service evaluation.

It is expected that Korea Government shares its successful development experience of e-Government system through a comprehensive and structured co-operation such as technical consultancy, provision of pilot projects and fora. Also, the Joint Project delivers the following key activities: management for the open public data and its utilisation; consultancy for establishing governance to automate online service evaluation; effort to enhance sustainability of DGCC project impact through pilot e-Government system; and support Korean IT company to export its products and service pertinent to the Tunisia e-Government planning and implementation.