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[Kick-off] Promoting Energy Efficiency Investment Market in the industrial sector and Supporting the National Green Growth Action Plan (GGAP) of Vietnam
Title [Kick-off] Promoting Energy Efficiency Investment Market in the industrial sector and Supporting the National Green Growth Action Plan (GGAP) of Vietnam
Date 2022-05-04



Korea Institute for Development Strategy (KDS) visited Hanoi, Vietnam, for a project kick-off from 16 to 24 of April and had meetings to discuss detailed implementation plans for the project with recipient agencies and related institutions.


The project is funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and KDS will help the Vietnamese government improve energy efficiency in the industrial sector and establish green growth action plans in partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI). KDS will cooperate with the Korea Energy Agency (KEA) and Korea Research Institute on Climate change (KRIC) as a consortium to enhance effectiveness of the project with expertise in each filed.


Specifically, KDS attended the kick-off conference on April 20 and had time to discuss on the project implementation plans and to establish cordial relations with stakeholders through direct communication. About 130 people were in attendance at the conference including both countries’ government officials, experts and people from related institutions. They mutually reaffirmed their purpose of improving Vietnam’s energy efficiency and support for green growth plans.


KDS will ▲develop educational programs and perform invitation and local trainings to strengthen the capabilities of public officials and experts at related institutions ▲conduct monitoring and performance management by the end of the project implementation period, June 2025.


In detail, it will collaborate with local educational institutions to build sustainable capacity building system in the country and Integrated Performance Management (IPM) methodology, which is self-developed by KDS based on Result-Based Management (RBM), will be applied to analyze effectiveness of the project at all steps such as capacity building and raising awareness in sectors etc.


Hongmin Chun, chief strategy officer of KDS, mentioned that KDS will make efforts for making virtuous circle of human resource development saying that “Desirable environment can be established only if educational institutions’ capabilities are improved,” adding, “We will try to give opportunities to as many institutions as possible even though we should communicate with the MOIT/MPI beforehand for selection process.”  


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